We offer three different straight wall barn profiles; the main difference between the three being the height of the straight wall (either 3,6,or 9ft.). All barn rafters are to be spaced at 24" (2ft.) on centre and have a 50psf snow load rating.

Finishing options include metal cladding or plywood sheeting and shingles on the exterior and the option to insulate the building exists as well. It is quite possible to build a loft floor within our straight wall barns.

These buildings are a great choice for permanent livestock housing and feed storage and are highly recommended for dairy, hog, sheep, and poultry farmers as well as horse owners. We can create your dream building with the profile you choose.

Please look below to see profile graphs for the 3 barn profiles.

For more information that is not provided here, don't hesitate to contact us.

Barn images Barn images Barn images Barn images
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